Monday, March 05, 2007

FoM: The Podcast!

Here's the link for the podcast. I'm only one segment of the show, towards the beginning, so you may want to fast-forward a bit.

I don't look nearly as dorky as I expected -- only semi-dorky -- although there is a bit of the bobblehead doll about me. Oh well. Professors are supposed to be eccentric, right?

Happy viewing!


  1. The interviewer comes across as WAY more eccentric than you, don't worry. :-)

  2. First, I agree with Elliot.

    Unfortunately I'm too technologically challenged to actually have HEARD the audio portion of the interview. However, it was great to SEE you just the same, and as predicted, you look great!

  3. Loved it, Susan! Your sense of humor, wonderfully apparent during the interview, was fun as well as educational. Thank you for posting the link!


  4. You do look great, but man, was that guy annoying.


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