Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jonesing for the ER

Classes started yesterday and I'm already behind, even though I stayed up late last night grading. How did this happen?

I suspect my happy days of blogging every single morning are at an end. (Yeah, I know: I can see you blogging veterans rolling your eyes. Everyone told me this would happen.)

Part of the pressure is that Gary and I going away this weekend -- the last getaway before 24/7 grading starts in earnest -- and I need to get things done so I'll be able to leave. The getaway weekend also means that I won't get to the ER this week, since I've switched shifts to Sunday.

I'm happy to be getting away, but I miss the hospital when I'm on vacation.

Last March, we spent spring break with friends in Maui; it was glorious, and we're going again this year. On the evening when I would have been in the ER, we were at a very fancy restaurant, sitting on a terrace overlooking the Pacific, having an exquisite meal. We all loved it. But I found myself calculating the time difference, figuring out where I would have been in my hospital shift, wondering what was happening.

I also get homesick when I'm sick and can't go to the hospital. ("Oh no! I'm too sick to go to the ER!")

Last April, I threw my back out; I was on campus, moving from one class to another, and suddenly could barely move at all. I could neither stand up straight nor bend over. I hobbled to my grad seminar, where one student gave me Advil and another, after the three-hour-plus class, carried my books to my car for me. The next day I went to see my doctor, who put me on muscle relaxants and ordered me to rest my back for at least three days.

"Oh," I said, lying contorted in agony on her examining table. "So I guess that means I can't do my ER shift tonight?"

She gave me an amazed look. "No! Absolutely not!"

I'm a strange little creature. But then, you all knew that.


  1. Paul A.12:04 AM

    "I suspect my happy days of blogging every single morning are at an end." made me blink, because this is the first post I've seen on this blog since the Coming Down the Mountain sermon. (On further investigation, I find that there are now about a month's worth of posts that I'm certain weren't there last time I looked. Computers, eh.)

    The reason I mention it is that I wanted to say: I'm glad you're back. Even if you weren't, strictly speaking, actually away.

  2. Thank you, Paul!

    I really and truly have been blogging every day, sometimes twice a day. Computers, yeah: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. When I suspect that new stuff isn't coming up on pages I visit often, I clear my IE cache. Sometimes that does the trick.

    Good luck!


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