Sunday, August 20, 2006

Geek Love

Before I had a blog myself, I didn't understand how people could spend so much time on them.

Now I get it.

I spent entirely too long last night fiddling around with Site Meter before finally getting it installed on the blog. This thing is amazing. Not only does it track hits, helpfully leaving mine out so I won't inflate my own count, but it tracks them by country, continent, and time zone. I had a visit from Romania this morning! In many cases, it will tell me what city the visitor is from; in all cases, it will tell me how far away the visitor is from Reno, in miles. It will often tell me how the visitor found my site: through a search, and if so for what, or through a referral from another site. (Grand Rounds has been very, very good to me. Note to self: submit to Grand Rounds regularly!)

This stuff is completely addictive. It's the last thing I need to be doing with a mere week until school starts, when one of my syllabi isn't even done yet, especially since I'm also preaching and leading Morning Prayer next week. (Procrastination, thy name is Susan. This was true even before I had a blog.) Also, I owe entirely too many people e-mail.

Meanwhile, I'm wrestling with TTLB. I'm registered, but when I search for my blog, nothing comes up, and when I try to re-register the blog, it tells me I'm already in the system. But I can't get my place in the ecosystem to come up on my site! I have to know whether I'm a crunchy crustacean or a lowly insect. (Yes, as you suspected, I'm a Christian who believes in evolution.) I've e-mailed TTLB, but gotten no answer. Does anyone out there have any advice?

And this morning on Making Light, I found a button for the completely beguiling How Much is Your Blog Worth?, which reports that Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good is worth $8,468.10. Well, heck, I'm impressed! I've so far womanfully resisted installing this on my actual site, on the grounds that it would really be too hypocritical after snide comments I've made about consumerism.

So my blog is eating my life, even though I know I shouldn't let it. Is there a 12-Step Group for bloggers?

My name is Susan, and I have a blog.


  1. Blogging is addictive. It's social journaling. I also social surf but this is better.

    I went over to TTLB and tried to search for you blog too. I got error messages each time, so maybe it isn't you but their website?

  2. Thanks, Lee! I just cut-and-pasted those error messages into e-mail to TTLB, so I hope this will be addressed soon.


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