Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Got it, guys! Thanks!

Before anyone else feels the need to e-mail me, yes, I already know about the Mordor's POV midrash of LotR.

I've now been sent this by a former Tolkien student, a current colleague, and Gary, so I thought I'd save the rest of you some time!

I won't have time to read the actual book until this summer, but yes, I'm curious. And I'm glad someone's done this; Tolkien's villains, aside from Saruman, are very two-dimensional, and it's a weakness in the book. My students have started complaining about it; one woman wrote a paper about how much richer the book would have been if the bad guys had been fleshed out more. I'm constantly telling my writing students how important it is to characterize villains fully, and as much as I love Tolkien, he doesn't even come close on that score.

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