Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Foiled Again

So, for the first time since I got my winter tires, we're actually expecting snow, just in time to interfere with our travel plans this weekend.


Down here, the snow's supposed to start tonight and continue through tomorrow. In the mountains, snow's predicted to continue through Saturday. We're going to get up Thursday, check road conditions, and see if we want to risk the drive, but I'd say our chances of getting to San Francisco are very iffy. (And airfare's prohibitive: I checked.)


On the plus side, I didn't have to give my chiropractor any money today, because my insurance suddenly started paying fifty percent -- even though we all thought I had hundreds of dollars in deductible left -- which means that I now have a balance there. Hurrah for small blessings!

The money I've saved at the chiropractor's office will come in handy when we hire a contractor to fix the small cracks in our sidewalk and driveway, which our insurance company says we have to do before they'll approve our new (and less expensive than the old, thank goodness) homeowners' policy.


Is this the world's most boring post, or what? Sorry about that! I was in a major black hole on Saturday and Sunday -- that ER shift really did a job on me, and it took me a few days to work my way through to the other side -- and yesterday I was busy, so I haven't been posting, so I thought I should post, even though I clearly have nothing very interesting to report.


Oh! Yes I do! Next week, I'm meeting with my new rector to discuss if and when I'll be preaching there.


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  1. Nothing wrong with a good grumble once in a while I always say. I was grumbling today as well.


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