Monday, May 04, 2009

Darling Ducklings Manque

This morning, walking to my office on campus, I saw a mother duck parading up the sidewalk, followed by five thimble-sized, downy, brown-with-darker-spots ducklings. All the women in the vicinity immediately started squealing and pointing their cameras, and even the men looked charmed.

But did I point my camera? Did I take a video of the darling toddling ducklings? Did I call the local paper to report that Spring Has Officially Sprung, based on duckling sightings? Noooooooo, because I, nimnoid that I am, had left the friggin' camera/video/phone IN THE CAR.

So I can't show you a picture of the utterly irresistable ducklings, which is just as well, because if I did, you'd all collapse into swoons and be found hours later in puddles of drool, which isn't good for the economy.

As Gary knows, I've been forgetting everything lately. The phone, three times now. My swim goggles, two days ago. Two of the three rings I wear on my wedding finger, this morning. Names, constantly. I was starting to become truly alarmed (often without remembering why, of course), until I did a Google search and learned that forgetfulness is one of the most common behavioral symptoms of grief.

Whew! That explains it, then.

Forgetfulness is also, as Gary points out, a common symptom at the end of the semester. Classes met for the last time today, although we're required to meet during the "final exam" time even if the class doesn't have a final, as mine don't. That's next Monday, for both classes, but I may be on jury duty -- and won't know for sure until I call the recorded number after six on Friday to learn if I need to report, ho hum -- so I've made alternate arrangements for collecting final assignments.

I'm sure I'll forget all kinds of things between now and then.


  1. I saw the ducklings too today as I was walking back to the office from the DC Store (they have the best donuts on campus). Too cute for words.

  2. DC Store? Donuts? Where is this place? You aren't talking about the Overlook, are you?

    Not that I need donuts, of course, since my forgetfulness could also be attributed to perimenopause, which is also making me gain weight at a pretty scary clip.

  3. No, it's across the street next to the student dining room in the dorms.

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Dear Susan,

    So sorry to hear that grief is hitting you so hard. In my experience, grief comes and goes in waves. I'm glad you have good friends to keep you company in this tough time. I hope you can also be gentle with yourself during the rough spots and relax enough to enjoy the smooth spots as they occur.

    Thinking of you,



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