Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pots o' Gold

We have a lot of sky here in Nevada, and we tend to get spectacular rainbows, on the rare occasions when we get rain. Such was the case last night, when everyone at the barbecue we attended was treated to a sound-and-lightning show from our friend's deck. This photograph doesn't do the rainbow justice -- and I was completely unable to capture the double rainbow into which it morphed later -- but I was happy to get any image at all.

What amused us, though, was that (as you can dimly make out in this shot), the rainbow ended at the Grand Sierra casino. Whatever good luck this signaled for the gamblers inside was probably canceled out by the fact that the Grand Sierra was also struck by lightning as we watched.

We heard sirens around town, but I don't think the lightning started fires anywhere. That's a very serious concern here, especially as the summer progresses and the heat dries out vegetation. Cheatgrass, both combustible and epidemic, is a particular worry. We aren't safe from wildfires until the first snowfall.

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