Saturday, May 09, 2009

When the Going Gets Slow, the Slow Go Shopping

We had a very, very sleepy shift in the ER this morning. Not only was my census low, but hardly anyone needed spiritual support. One or two people asked politely for prayer, but there was nothing dramatic or particularly urgent. I took long breaks, outlined my homily for tomorrow, chatted with an EMT who loves science fiction (and who greeted me this morning with an excited, "So, have you seen the new Star Trek movie yet?"), talked to a couple of my favorite nurses, and made sure the blanket warmers were stocked.

I also shopped. I've long had my eye on some glass-bead lanyards in the gift shop, and today I went ahead and bought one. It was overpriced -- I could have made the thing myself for half the cost, probably -- but hey, the money supports the hospital. And while this may have been a vain purchase, I firmly believe that God likes pretty colors; why else would she have filled the world with them?

And I know patients like pretty colors. I chose this particular lanyard because it goes so well with my scrub top, on which I get compliments all the time. This top hasn't quite reached Magic Shirt status, but I still always feel good when I put it on. It makes me feel a little like a walking Monet painting.

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  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    God definitely likes pretty colors!

    My mom, who's been nursing for almost 50 years now (God bless her! She loves her profession and loves being able to pass on old-time nursing experience to her younger colleagues and learning new things from same!), makes her own scrub tops to have ones that meet her own vision of pretty (which is not, I realize, a luxury many of her colleagues can indulge).

    She says it's such a wonderment that God has given us modern laundry products (and dyes) that make it possible indulge in pretty colors and prints, after having so many years of her career dictated by the need to be able to chlorine bleach her uniforms (which meant everything had to be white).

    So yes, definitely, buy pretty wherever and whenever you can!


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