Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

Good stuff that's happened today:

* Getting the remaining putty and the stitches out, and having my periodontist compliment me on how well I'm healing. "Whatever you're doing, keep it up." (As I've said before, smoothies rule.)

* Learning that my periodontist volunteers his services at nursing homes, and has also done so on a kibbutz in Israel and on a bus serving migrant farm workers and their kids in California. "We initially thought we'd just be treating the adults so they wouldn't be in pain in the fields, but then they started bringing their kids and asking us to treat them, instead. It's just like with anybody else: your kids always come first. So we wound up retooling to do pediatric dentistry." I love stories like this, which always make me feel better about the world.

* Swimming for forty-five minutes. Yay!

* Treating myself to some new notecards and a copy of John Crowley's Endless Things. I first started reading the Aegypt cycle in 1988; it's been twenty-one years in the finishing, although I'll probably need to reread the first three volumes to make sense of this one.

* Eating fully solid food again, and being able to chew without worrying about dislodging putty. Yay!

* Looking at the huge pinecone sitting on my desk. When we moved into our house, one of the trees in our front yard was an itty bitty pine tree that barely came up to our waists. Eleven years later, it towers over us. Gary handed me the pinecone today and said, "Look what Sven made!" (Sven is the pine tree; Lars is the gigantic, shaggy juniper bush that dominates the yard.) We're very proud parents. The timing is especially fortuitous because this evening, I'm leading a civic reflection group, and we'll be talking about Pablo Neruda's famous essay The Lamb and the Pinecone. I'm going to bring the pinecone with me as a show-and-tell item.

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  1. Do you know which kibbutz he's worked at? I spent 7 months at Ramat HaShofet back in 1993.


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