Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To-Do, Ta-Done

I was going to post a semi-funny hour-by-hour schedule of what I've done over the last two days, except that at this point, I can't even remember what I've done over the last two days. But here's some of it:

* Met with my father's care team, who are going to put him on an appetite stimulant and give him a Pocket Talker for better bearing, but who have no idea what's happening with Palo Alto.

* E-mailed Dad's main cardiologist, the one who passed Dad's name along to Palo Alto, who also (as he informed me via return e-mail) has no idea what's happening with Palo Alto.

* Got the car serviced.

* Led a Literature & Medicine discussion group at our Local Big Hospital last night.

* Got Dad's Medical DPOA and Advanced Directive filled out, signed, witnessed, notarized, and photocopied.

* Wrapped and mailed out Christmas packages, and also mailed some packages for Fran.

* Got most of Gary's Christmas gifts (mostly online), as well as a gift for the child of a friend.

* Got Dad's Christmas gift orders straightened out during a long phone call, after a previous long phone call when I ordered the wrong things, resulting in Dad getting very cranky.

* Got phone bill straightened out during mercifully short call with Verizon, who for some reason had split Dad's cell off of our family plan into its own account, resulting in a large extra bill (which, luckily, we now won't have to pay).

* Met with a student who was upset about his grade -- understandably, as it turned out, since I've been so crazed the last six weeks that I just plain graded his paper wrong. I apologized and fixed it.

* Swam today, for half an hour.

* Went into semi-chaplain mode when my sister called me in the middle of a meltdown. She was sobbing in the corridor outside my mother's hospital room because everything was hitting her at once.

* Had my own meltdown in the shower, half an hour later.

* Was immensely relieved when I had a fairly decent conversation with my mother this morning, although part of it consisted of my crooning repeatedly, "I love my Mommy," while she ate her breakfast, as loud munching noises came over the phone.

* Despite munching, received phone call from sister asking what appetite stimulant Dad will be on and wondering if Mom can go on it too.

* Was informed by Gary that marijuana stimulates appetite (and would also help with Mom's nausea), and passed this info along to Liz; we both laughed merrily.

* Checked with nurses on appetite stimulant: none's been prescribed yet, but the one the nurses seem to favor is indeed Marinol, synthetic THC.

* Received e-mail reminding me that I'm an outside grad committee member for a music student and have to attend a recital tomorrow evening. I'd completely forgotten this. Thank God for e-mail.

* Received orders from Dad to cheer up Fran, with detailed directions about what to do for her for Christmas. Reminded him that he, Gary and I may very well be in Palo Alto for Christmas, but that Fran's planning on staying here.

* Dropped Gary off at Dad and Fran's apartment so he could hook up Dad's TV, in hopes that this might cheer up Fran.

* Sat by Dad's bed as plans to acquire car for Fran went into hyperdrive. She must have car before the rest of us leave for Palo Alto! (Of course, she might be able to build her own car, after mining the materials from scratch, by the time we leave for Palo Alto.) I must take her to the DMV tomorrow so she can get her NV license! I must approach their down-the-hall neighbor, the one who's bragged about the cheap cars he's gotten at weekly auctions, about helping Fran get a car this week!

* Knocked repeatedly on door of down-the-hall neighbor. No answer, despite (or perhaps because of) loud TV noises. Left explanatory note with request for neighbor to call Dad; Dad can handle this one.

* Imagined down-the-hall neighbor reading the note, rolling his eyes, and thinking, "Don't the daughter and son-in-law know how to buy a car?"

* Did a little knitting.

* Evidently gave Dad my cold, since he's coming down with a sore throat and congestion. :-(

* Listened to Dad patiently reassuring me that there's no proof the cold came from me, that he could have picked it up from anyone.

* Felt like the world's most horrible person for giving my elderly father a cold.

* With help of colleagues at work, found a freshman-comp writing guide (for next semester) for under $50 -- which seems to be the starting price for these things -- since charging freshmen $50 for one book seems like highway robbery to me.

* Took Gary grocery shopping, after he'd reminded me for the fifth time. Listened to cracks throughout the expedition: "Well, I used to know where that item was, but we haven't been here in so long that I've forgotten." "Yeah, it's a big bill, but that's what happens when you only shop once a month."

* Remembered that Fran wanted me to take her shopping last weekend, but that she let it go because of my cold. Felt like the world's most horrible person for not taking Fran shopping.

* Imagined Fran chewing on moving cartons for nourishment.

* In attempt to cheer myself up, bought adorable penguin PJs at VA Hospital store. Got home and discovered they were too small. Considered chewing on moving cartons for nourishment.

* And, finally: wrote incoherent, achronological blog post.

I'm sure there was more, but I've forgotten it.


  1. LOL Susan, reading that was fun and interesting. Hope you get good news about Palo Alto soon. It's nice that Fran is able to drive herself places once she gets a car. Feeling independant might cheer her up. The recital sounds like fun! What instrument? Prayers still ascending.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow.

    Stay strong. Hug a kitty.

  3. Liz Lasater6:46 PM

    There are no words. I saw the back of you the other day, but you were going so fast that you disappeared before I could say hi, so "Hi!" Like Inez said, "Hug a cat." Hug all of your cats. They are made for absorbing the bad feelings. That's why they purr.


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