Tuesday, December 02, 2008

PT, or no PT?

Dad's still in the VA nursing home. He's been there a week now, and as of yesterday had received less than half an hour of physical therapy. I was planning to go over there today to ream somebody out, but he left a message this morning that he was going into PT and would probably be there until lunch. I'll go over this afternoon and suss out what the schedule will be, and how he's doing.

I also have to reschedule a meeting with his social worker, which in my befuddled state I set up in conflict with a faculty meeting on Friday. See, Dad has to be denied for Medicaid before the VA will pay for a bunch o' stuff. This won't be difficult, since to be eligible for Medicaid in Nevada, you have to have total assets of $2,000 or less (!), but since I'm currently in charge of his finances -- I who can't even handle my own! -- I've got to bring in the documentation.

And so it goes.


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Susan, you walk with honor in a phalanx of older children caring for elderly parents. I've just gotten off the phone with a classmate of mine who was complaining about her mothers many, mnay demands. As I recall from our youth, her mother never has been easy. I love to talk with her because she makes my mother seem easy. It's not easy at 69 to look after a 96 year old mother and trying to be a good parent and grandparent too. I suppose God knew what she was doing when she allowed so many generations on earth at the same time.


  2. Susan, I hope your Dad's PT with the VA is thorough and ongoing. My experience with that was one training session and then istructions to continue things at home. Strength recovery is a much longer process so prayers ascending.



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