Monday, December 15, 2008

The Latest

Dad had his pressure-gradient test today, and either passed or failed, depending on how you look at it: at any rate, he's still a candidate for the study, and will meet with two doctors tomorrow who will, I gather, decide if he's in or not. He's very cogent and seems to be in decent spirits.

My mother's less cogent, and according to my sister isn't a reliable narrator right now; this morning, Mom told me that a doctor told her she'd be dead within a year, but my sister has learned that no one said that. Evidently Mom told my brother-in-law that every morning she wakes up on a ranch, and asks the people there if Liz will be able to find her, and they say yes. I'm intrigued by this, because to the best of my knowledge, Mom's never spent any time on ranches; she grew up in cities and suburbs. Did she maybe take riding lessons when she was a kid, though? I'm straining to remember this, and will have to ask my sister.

On the medical side of things, her echocardiogram shows "moderate" aortic stenosis. There's talk of an angiogram to see whether she's a candidate for open-heart valve replacement. The last time I talked to Mom, she was learning towards the angiogram but leaning against the surgery, which would be my impulse too (although I'm not sure why she'd even want the angiogram if she doesn't want the surgery, especially since I gather that stents aren't an option -- but maybe angioplasty is?).

I'm confused. My sister's confused. My mother's confused.

The weather's not confused. The weather's still very snowy: it's been chains-over-the-pass all day, and at one point, I-80 Eastbound was closed because of an accident. I didn't leave the house today, because we have quite a bit of snow even down here in Reno, and I hate driving in the stuff. We thought there might be a break in the storms on Wednesday, but now Gary tells me that snow's predicted then, too, with another big storm rolling in on Thursday.

Well, I'll fly if I have to. The first step is to find out what happens at Dad's meeting tomorrow. If he gets bounced from the study, he'll be coming home, and we'll be staying here.


  1. Wow, Susan, more snow! Only having experienced it once in my life I can't imagine living in the amount of it and temperatures that you do. Flying sounds like a chance to get more knitting done.

    Prayers for your Dad's success with the doctors, and also for your Mom. Hope your sister and the doctors figure this out quickly.


  2. Hi Susan, stents are a type of angioplasty. I don't know what type they'd consider if stents were not an option. With her non-heart-related lung issues I can see why you and she would be leery of open heart surgery, you could win the battle and lose the war. Are they watching her closely for urinary tract infection? That can be a huge cause of confusion in elderly folks. It seems she has become markedly less oriented and cogent since going into the hospital. I'm so sorry you and all your family are going through so much right now. Prayers continuing...


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