Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How Will He Get Out of This One?

Figaro, our most athletic cat, performed one of his prodigious leaps this morning, from the floor of the bedroom to the top of the bathroom door. But then he had to figure out how to get down! Much pacing ensued, as you can see.



  1. Berni6:29 PM

    My, what a long tail he has! (I at first wrote "tale." Writers' cats, y'know.)

    I used to have a cat who did this. The typical resolution as me bringing a kitchen chair to the door, standing on the chair, and coaxing her down. She would not jump down.

  2. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Figaro's balance is extremely impressive - also, the powerful hind legs that enabled him first to leap to the top of the door and then to hold on to it while leaning all the way over the other side. Great video - thanks for sharing!


  3. Great leap Figgy! Susan, I love the way he carefully analyzes his options. He even looked at you and realized that wasn't a possibility. That's one smart kitty.



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