Monday, December 08, 2008


My mother's back in the hospital with a set of three complicated pulmonary conditions. A home-health nurse came this morning, decided that Mom should be in the hospital (largely because she hasn't been eating), and called Mom's doctor, who agreed. The nurse then called the ambulance.

Mom's doctor told my sister that it's unclear whether the hospital can do anything; Lasix may or may not help.

My sister's at work, and will visit Mom when she can. She's in the same position I am, of trying to balance work and everyday life with family crisis, and having to make hourly decisions about priorities.

I'm going to finish up my class prep, bring Dad the Healthcare DPOA, drop off a birthday present for a friend, and then teach. But my phone's staying on today.


  1. So sorry to hear this. Thinking of you and your family. My best wishes from wet Liverpool.

  2. Susan, I'm glad your Mom had a sharp nurse and is now where they can deal with emergencies better. Prayers ascending for her and your sister.

    I'll also pray that your schedule along with all these sudden decisions and such gets better instead of worse.

    On the bus home from jury duty today the younger woman sitting beside me was knitting. She was doing what looked like a fairly complicated pattern and it was to be a haltar top. She said she'd been knitting for 11 years.

    Peace! & Hope! Hugs too!

  3. Oh, no, how stressful. If you want, email me the three conditions--I grew up in a sickly family and thus speak a bit of Internal Medicine--if it would help to have an occasional translator I'd be glad. Prayers continuing.

  4. Once gain Susan, if you need any help around campus just give me a call.



  5. Hang in there, hon!

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