Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, the Excitement!

I just learned that there's a place in Reno that makes gluten-free pizza (and if I bring my soy cheese, they'll make it with that, although the guy I spoke to on the phone said that would be a first for them).

I'm so excited! I've so missed pizza!

Also, today we booked a shore excursion for our cruise. In Puerta Vallarta, we'll be taking a six-and-a-half hour catamaran ride which includes whale watching, dolphin watching, snorkeling, lunch, and -- conditions permitting -- a stop at a nice beach. All this for $79 per person, which is a positive steal compared to most shore excursions. We'd be thrilled to see whales and dolphins and turtles again, and mantas for the first time, although of course wildlife sightings can't be guaranteed.

I'm researching places in Mazatlan and Cabo where we can snorkel right off the beach. Once I have that nailed down, I'll start investigating art galleries and dining options (although we can always eat on the ship). Our Alaska trip taught us to plan ahead for times in port, to avoid the black hole of ticky-tacky tourist hell. I enjoy a little of that, but a little goes a long way, and Gary loathes even a little.

Here in Reno, it's snowing, making my fantasies of warm, sunny Mexico even more alluring.

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