Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Weekend

On Saturday, Liz and I dropped Owen at the airport at the unholy hour of 4:30in the morning. We went to a casino coffeeshop for breakfast, went swimming at my healthclub, and then -- still with no word from Oregon -- went to an arts festival in Reno. We saw Marin there, and one of my former students, and I found a potter who's not only willing to do something with the rest of Dad's cremains, but excited about the commission. Yay!

I also bought new earrings and a necklace, although both were inexpensive. Well, of course. What do you do after you've just spent thousands of dollars on appliances? After the arts festival, Liz and I drove up to Truckee to do more shopping, natch. But I only bought one t-shirt. I didn't even buy yarn. Amazing!

Sunday I decided to skip church, as well as the meeting after church about how church is closing. Instead, Liz and Gary and I drove to the big fancy mall south of town and . . . shopped. Liz and I bought clothing at Orvis. Gary, man of steel, didn't buy anything.

We still hadn't heard from Oregon. I kept promising myself I'd call, but then other things would happen and I'd forget. We were increasingly puzzled, though.

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