Thursday, July 08, 2010


I'm blogging from the deck! This morning I belatedly realized that my laptop, when disconnected from a power source, automatically dims the screen to conserve battery life. When I carried the machine outside and bumped the screen up to full brightness, I could see well enough to work.

Granted, it's not perfect, and I have to be in the shade, but it's a lot better than it was. Now I can work outside without the hassle and expense of getting a new machine. Hurrah! I can write on the deck: what bliss!

Gary walked down to the main drag to get a haircut. While he's at it, he's going to stop by Staples and try to find either an extra-long heavy-duty extension cord, or a surge protector with an extra-long cord, so I can have my laptop plugged in while I work. We have outlets out here, but unfortunately, they're many feet away from any of the chairs, which we don't want to move.

Worst case, though, I just work outside until my battery's almost gone, and then go in to recharge.


  1. Being able to work outside is way cool. We built a deck three years ago, but it took me until THIS YEAR to find an umbrella dark enough that I can sit outside under it during the day and see my computer screen.

  2. Way to go, Susan! Wish I knew more about the deck.

    Going for first knitting session with the prayer shawl ministry ladies at my church this morning. :-) I'm up to stockinette stitch. Aiming for ribbing next. :-)



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