Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Day After Dad's Service

Thursday morning, we woke up bright and early and ate breakfast on the deck. Liz and Owen and I dropped Fran at the airport for her flight back to Chicago, and then we drove up to Donner Lake to go swimming (making the mandatory dining jokes along the way). The AC in the car didn't seem to be working, which was weird because I'd just gotten the car serviced. When we got to the beach, I called my mechanic, who said a lot of people were having that problem in the blazing heat, but that I should bring the car in the next day if things didn't improve.

We swam and got some sun. Here's Liz grinning up at me from her beach towel. She'd specifically requested a trip to Donner, because she and Mom and I went there together years ago and loved it. The water's very cold up there -- it's snowmelt, after all -- but we all got in and swam around a bit. It felt great, especially after the car!

Owen was shyer about the sun, and about the camera, than his mother, but I think he had a good time. He's considering moving out here at some point, and has been investigating the UNR website. I'd love it if he were here, although I imagine his mom would rather he stayed closer to home!

After our swim, we drove up Old Route 40 to the gorgeous lookouts over the lake. It's a stunningly beautiful place when it isn't under twenty feet of snow and inhabited by people eating each other. Actually, it's stunningly beautiful in the snow, too; Gary and I went up there for a cross-country ski weekend with friends once, years ago. We wound up -- surprise! -- getting snowed into the rented cabin, but mindful of history, we'd brought lots of food, as well as a Scrabble set. We had a fine time.

On this particular visit to the lake, our problem was too much heat. The AC stayed broken during the drive back down to Reno. Annoyed, I realized that I'd have to spend precious family-visit time taking the car to the shop. I decided I'd go first thing the next morning. They'd pump in more freon, and I'd be home in a jiffy. What could go wrong?

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