Monday, July 26, 2010


I forgot to say that we had a lovely lunch today with Katharine and her friend Maggi from Vermont. The four of us have been to Hawai'i together several times, so it was great to see Maggi and to catch up.

We'd invited them over so we could eat on the new deck. This of course guaranteed that we had a thunderstorm. With actual rain. In Reno.

Also, hail.

By the time the hail started, we'd moved everything inside and were sitting at the dining room table, watching the finches on the feeder outside trying to duck the hailstones bouncing off the deck railing.


Gary made superb food, as always, and Maggi had brought us some apple cider (really more like dessert wine) from Vermont. I very rarely drink, but I had a little bit of the cider, which was especially yummy with Gary's wheat-free brownies. The ones he served today were made from oat flour, and I think they're even better than the ones he makes with black beans.

You can be sure that the lunch was on my list of blessings today! So was the rain, since it's so rare and important here. I left the hailstones off the list, though.

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