Monday, May 24, 2010


The seas are somewhat rough today, so we’ve had lots of fun keeping our balance. Our room-service breakfast tray slid a few inches but didn’t fall. After breakfast, Gary did an hour’s worth of laps around the promenade deck, despite the bad weather, and I walked for an hour on one of the gym treadmills (which I was lucky to snag when someone else stepped off it). After our workouts, each of us showered, an exciting exercise in keeping one hand always firmly clenched around a handhold.

Luckily, neither of us has been seasick. One of our lunch companions was, but left the table to find the infirmary –- and free seasickness meds -- before the situation got critical. Her husband, a diver who specializes in hyperbaric physiology and has trained Navy Seals, entertained us with stories of his two near-death experiences in underwater caves. Our lunches were excellent. It’s too bad the diver’s wife couldn’t enjoy it as much!

Then we browsed the ship’s shops and the art exhibit. The shops were more reasonable than I expected, although I saw nothing I wanted to buy. I was tempted by a white fleece pullover embroidered with polar bears, but since tomato sauce travels from other continents to land on me whenever I’m wearing white, I decided against it. Meanwhile, we’ve coined a new term, “cruise art,” to describe garish imitations of the styles of famous artists, on canvases with auction prices starting at $7,500. This category goes along with the older ones of “fan art” and “thrift shop art.”

Gary’s now on Deck 1 checking out their DVD collection, while I’m in the library on Deck 10, composing this entry on my laptop. My wireless still won’t connect, but there’s a desk with a cable connection, thank goodness!

Tonight’s the first formal night. We have reservations at the smallest of the ship’s restaurants, an Italian place. Tomorrow, I believe, we have our first dinner in the super-fancy restaurant, which requires a small extra fee per person. We’ll be eating all other meals in the regular sit-down restaurant, which offers infinitely better food and ambiance than the buffet.

Tomorrow at eleven we arrive in Glacier Bay and begin whale-watching. Yay!

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    so glad you're having such a great vacation!



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