Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm writing this in the Internet Lounge of our cruise ship. Most annoyingly, my laptop won't connect, which means I can't compose offline and then just cut and paste, which also means that composition time counts against my precious quota of minutes. Grrrr! So my shipboard posts will be brief.

Anyway, so far we love cruising. Gary really loves cruising, since he loves both expanses of open water and good food, both of which cruises offer in abundance. The food is very good, and our stateroom is a marvel of compactness, offering a surprising amount of storage space considering that the bed fills nearly the entire room. We really like our little verandah, too, although we did find a cigarette butt on it (a surprising number of people smoke, and during the mandatory gather-at-your-lifeboat stations safety drill, we heard a lecture about how smokers shouldn't just toss their cig butts off their verandah, since said butts are likely to wind up on a lower verandah).

Watching the water move past is hypnotic. We're avoiding the loud spaces (the postage-stamp-sized pool, the disco, etc.) and focusing on quiet: the lovely library with comfy reading chairs looking out on the water, the lounge where we just listened to a string quartet while also looking out at the water, the calm and pleasant restaurant where we ate dinner and looked out at the . . . yeah, you're sensing a theme here. The ship specializes in extremely large windows. It's really nice.

We've been told that the gym's impossible to get into, but the promenade deck is a third of a mile around, so we plan to do some fitness walking tomorrow, weather permitting. We're both really glad we decided to do this. Various of our friends are really into very low-tech camping, but we're really into plumbing and good food.

Call us decadent. We plead guilty.


  1. Oh man. I've only ever been on a cruise once (Disney, bankrolled by the family I used to Nanny for because they were awesome. Even though I was technically working I still got a lot of time to relax), and Husband's never been.

    We got married twice (once legally, and again in a ceremony when various family members returned to the country from abroad) and didn't get a proper honeymoon either time.

    I find myself looking at last-minute deals longingly.

    This post makes me want to just *go already.*

  2. i have just come back from two weeks of budget camping across northern maine.

    i loved it.

    reading your post is the first time i've ever thought: a cruise might be nice.

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