Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Sister's Cats

Before Mom died, my sister had six cats. She and her husband have now decided that they want to work towards having a cat-free household, largely so they can exercise their newfound freedom by traveling.

The oldest, sickest cat was put down yesterday.

They'll keep a slightly younger, less sick cat until she has to be put down too.

My nephew will take another cat when he and his girlfriend move into a house in February.

That leaves three: a female and two males, all spayed/neutered, all declawed (which means they have to be kept indoors). One or both of the male cats have been urinating on furniture, but they're also exceptionally friendly and sweet.

Philly shelters are full, and rescue organizations have waiting lists. If you know anyone in Philadelphia or vicinity who might be willing to help these animals, please let me know! I know it's kitten season, and older cats are harder to place under the best of circumstances, but my mother especially loved the two males, and I can't bear to think of them winding up in a shelter and being euthanized. My sister can wait a little while to rehome them, but not forever.

I'd take them myself, but our three cats have claws (even though they're inside animals), and I also know how stressful it is for cats to be shipped across the country. We did that with our three New Jersey cats when we moved to Reno, and it was a miserable experience. But if anyone in Reno can take them -- and they needn't all be kept together -- I'd pay the shipping costs rather than see them put in a shelter.

Please spread the word; we need all the help we can get!

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