Friday, May 28, 2010


Ketchikan! Another charming Alaska coastal town chockful of shopping!

Gary stayed on the ship, as I suspected he would. I went into town and bought a small fortune in qiviut-blend yarn; after much agonizing, I also broke my "no jewelry" rule by buying a gorgeous owl pin made by a local guy. It's exquisite work (ebony, silver and abalone) and I haven't seen anything else like it, which -- after three days in port shops -- is high praise indeed. At least some of the yarn will become gifts, and the pin may, too.

Gary and I met up back in the stateroom and went to the dining room for a yummy high-calorie lunch (crab cakes, salmon wellington and chocolate cake, in my case). Then I went to the gym and worked out really hard for an hour, which left me feeling virtuous but probably only burned off half a forkful of the high-calorie lunch.

We're en route to Victoria now, honking our way through thick fog. In ninety minutes, we'll have a high-calorie dinner, followed by our string friends. People now come up to us and say, "You were listening to the quartet the other night, weren't you?" I've also been greeted with, "You're the lady who knits!" and "You're the lady who types so fast."

Yes, I am a woman of many talents. Oh, about knitting. Never knit lace on a cruise ship in Alaska, because if you do, someone will yell, "Whale! Breach!" and everyone will race to the windows and you will, too, scattering yarn and needles and stitch holders. It takes an hour to recover from a whale sighting while you're knitting lace. (Lee, you can chalk the errors in your socks up to whales!) Luckily, we also saw a whale during dinner.

The steward in the string-quartet lounge, who now calls us "Sir Gary" and "Miss Susan," has become very protective of us, and is very alarmed whenever we aren't together. The night Gary watched a movie, I went to the lounge early, and the steward kept wringing his hands and asking, "But where's Sir Gary? Isn't he with you? Did you eat dinner together?" Last night I went up to the stateroom a few minutes early, and when Gary got back he told me, laughing, that the steward had been all kinds of alarmed. "Where did Miss Susan go? Why didn't you go with her?"

The service folks are all incredibly sweet. Maybe it's an act, but if so, it's a really good one.


  1. If you get the chance how about a photo of all those balls of yard in their multi colour splendour as well as that owl pin. Inquiring minds want/need to know.

  2. When we stopped in Ketchikan we visited the local folk art/music place. The woman running it was from Fallon!


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