Thursday, March 11, 2010

Times Square with Fish. Also, Parrots.

So we're basically in the middle of Times Square transplanted to Oahu: big buildings, traffic, tacky tourist gift shops next to very expensive restaurants, that kind of thing. Kinda fun, except that we both got about three hours of sleep last night and then sat on airplanes forever, and trying to find tasty and affordable food in Times-Square-land definitely isn't a task for the sleep-deprived. We finally settled on a burger place that was fairly good and reasonable, if excessively loud. (We had a lovely lunch at our hotel, but it was also very expensive.)

The great part, though -- aside from the amazing view from our lanai -- is that we're literally right across the street from the beach. Mind you, the beach is mostly populated by extremely young people without stomachs wearing very skimpy swimsuits, but I did find a few people our age and of our general proportions, meaning that they actually have stomachs and other body parts that obey the laws of physics, so that was comforting.

I dashed into the water right away. It was very warm. Gary, who's intensely sensitive to cold, whimpered a little but got all the way in: I was proud of him! There were no waves to speak of, which is probably why this area's very popular for surfing lessons; about twenty people with surfboards were bobbing in the water. None of them ever got to shore that I saw, at least not under wave power.

I'd worn my new corrective goggles into the water, and they've already paid for themselves, because when I swam out to some corl (ugly coral, not pretty coral, but it was still coral), I saw fish!. Yellow fish with black stripes! White fish with black stripes in different widths, kind of like a bar code! Black fish! I didn't even have to rent snorkel gear and go somewhere special to see fish! They're right here!

Also, parrots. The hotel has an African Grey (hi, Inez!) and various other birds in big cages in the lobby. A bellhop told me that they only spend a few hours a day at the hotel; they live somewhere else. But as we were walking along the avenue after dinner, I saw various people with parrots on their shoulders. I don't know if this is some sort of Times-Squarian business ("Visit with a parrot for ten dollars a minute!") or if people in Oahu just wear their pet birds as accessories. I suspect the former.

In any case, I'll try to post more tomorrow. Sleepy now. Must go to bed.


  1. I follwed your blog without knowing that you are a publised writter, since the way you blog is somehow make me feel comforting. I have always been secretly hoping that I can write something beautiful and comforting someday, but I never know how to start. I just wish that, like it did happen to a famour japaness writer, MURAKAMI HARUKI, it just comes to me oneday. He said, he did not particlularly try before it happend, but one day, in the ball park watching a game between local pro-teams, out of nowhere, he felt or realised that he can write. Anyway, have a good time in HAWAI !!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. What hotel were you staying at?

  3. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Hi back from me and Zeke! Wearing a parrot as an accessory is discourages unless one also likes wearing poop as an accessory.


  4. Anonymous1:53 PM

    If you like hot dogs, I recommend Puka Dog on Kuhio Ave. From the photos you've posted, I would guess that it's not too far from you. It's mostly a take-out shack with a few tables and the menu is limited, but they're tasty and reasonably cheap. Also, they have veggie dogs.

    A long time lurker


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