Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Year

Today's the anniversary of Dad's death. I slept very late today, through church (jet lag didn't help) and woke up feeling very heavy. After a day of getting nothing done, I finally went for a walk around 4:30 just to get my blood moving. Gary came with me.

A little before 7:00, when Dad died, I lit a candle and put on The Lark Ascending, one of Dad's favorite pieces of music, which I listened to every morning for weeks after his death. That quiet tribute felt right.

As for my dreaded spring-equinox curse -- which, at this point, not even super-rational Gary discounts, since he's seen it in action for so many years -- well, we'll see how this next week goes. The week after break is often a bad one at school, where people who still want to be on vacation (including yours truly) are brittle and snappish. If I win through to next weekend with no mishaps, I'll be very happy.

As weird as this sounds, I feel like Dad's protecting me this year. Even if that's my imagination, it's a nice thing to imagine. I know he would if he could, so I choose to believe that he is.


  1. Lovely music.
    I hope you get to feeling better soon.


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