Sunday, March 14, 2010

Even More Critters!

Wow. Turns out there's a fabulous snorkeling beach about four blocks from our hotel. We didn't see turtles -- although the lifeguard says she's sometimes seen them there -- but we saw lots and lots of lots of fish: big fish, small fish, pale fish, bright fish, and one absolutely gorgeous yellow and orange and turquoise fish that's about the prettiest thing I've ever seen, but that I can't find on the fish ID card Snorkel Bob's gave us.

Gary said, "This is like swimming in an aquarium." Also, we got there early enough that for the first hour or so, we were the only people in the water. Amazing!

There were a few minor mishaps. I swam out pretty far, to the spot where the lifeguard said she'd seen turtles, and wound up being pulled several beaches down by a strong current. (Respect Mother Ocean!) And both of us got some scrapes and bruises, from coral and rocks, getting back into shore, as careful as we tried to be not to touch or damage anything. But now we know the best entrance and egress point, and also know not to swim out too far, so that's all very useful info.

Gary loves this as much as I do, which is great. He's the hiker in the family, and I'm the swimmer: I can't keep up with him when he hikes, and he finds most swimming venues too cold, and has no interest in swimming laps. But we've finally found a sport we can share. Yay!

We're now thinking of buying our own snorkel equipment -- the snorkels and Gary's mask, anyway; fins are heavy to transport and inexpensive to rent -- and of planning more snorkel vacations in the future. Yay, snorkeling!


  1. So this is it what it takes to get you to post, a vacation? Well I can't say as I blame you. It sounds like you are having a great time.

    Now get off the computer and enjoy yourself!


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