Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In Which We're a Tad Less Cranky

The weather's still awful -- gray and cold, with snow expected tonight -- but otherwise, things are looking up. I swam yesterday, which helped my mood a lot, and I got grading done and went to my friend Marin's house and got to cuddle with her adorable terrier pup, and this morning I heard some terrific music at the university (a rehearsal for a masters recital and a lunchtime performance by that same student, and another one).

In the land of "SNAFU -- it's not just for breakfast anymore!", things have improved too. Just as I'd decided that my bag wasn't moving because it was in Pennsylvania and therefore under twenty feet of snow, the FedEx tracking page suddenly showed it in Sacramento, heading towards Reno, which means that I should have it before we leave for Hawaii. The new credit card came and I've succeeded in switching over most of my accounts, although I still have to call two of my monthly charities and give them the new info, since they don't provide a way to do this online. The vision prescription came too, and I've now ordered vision-correcting swim goggles: I even splurged and got a custom pair with a different prescription in each eye, which was surprisingly inexpensive (I hope the low price doesn't bode ill, since the goggles aren't returnable; on the other hand, I'm not out that much if I can't use them). These may not arrive before we leave, but I know I can rent a vision-correcting mask from any snorkle shack in Honolulu, and I can use that for plain swimming if I have to.

Meanwhile, I have a nifty new LED light for my laptop keyboard (plugs into a USB port, provides a surprising amount of light, cost less than $10), and I've been able to practice the fiddle today, and I'm knitting with Katharine tonight. So I'm feeling a bit less frantic than I was yesterday!

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Good news! Very glad to hear that life is looking up.

    May it continue so,



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