Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grand Rounds! Cute Cats!

This week's Grand Rounds is up!

And since my brain is mush and I have nothing intelligent to say -- although this may change after I've had my morning coffee and stared at the lightbox for a few more minutes -- I'm going to fall back on that tried-and-true filler technique of bloggers everywhere, the Adorable Pet Photo:

The fluffy beast in back -- who actually does have two eyes, although you can't quite tell that in this snapshot -- is Harlequin, Harley for short. (My mother gave me a coffee mug that says "Harley Mama;" this has nothing to do with motorcycles.) The short-haired youngster in front is Figaro. Gary and I like this photo because it accurately represents their personalities: Harley's staid and dignified, whereas Figgy's a wide-eyed bundle of mayhem.

Like all cats, they're pleasingly eccentric. One of Harley's nicknames is "Rescue Kitty," because if Figaro's locked in a closet or in the garage, Harley will find one of us, paw our leg and mew, lead us to wherever the other cat is, and scratch at the door so we'll open it. ("What is it, Lassie? Is Timmy stuck under the tractor again?") He also routinely attempts to rescue me from the bathtub.

Figaro's oddest quirk is that he likes his toys to be extremely clean, and to that end will drop them into water whenever possible. We keep toilet seats down so the plumbing won't become clogged with toy mice. This disappoints him, but he puts his toys in his water bowl instead. One morning about six months ago, Gary came downstairs, peered in the water bowl to check for the usual toy mice, and yelped. "Hey! That's a real mouse!"

Figaro had evidently gone hunting in the garage, caught an actual rodent, and then carried it into the kitchen and put it where all the other toys go: the water bowl.

We're planning to get a new kitten sometime soon. If we do, there will definitely be more cute cat pictures here than any of you can stand.

Consider yourselves forewarned.


  1. WAY cute. Way. It's enough to make me want more cats, when in fact I definitely DON'T want more cats.

    One the the many stories I never have time to tell you is about Melville. He's doing pretty well--MUCH better than we expected, in fact. At least for the moment.

  2. Lovely guys, Susan! Have you decided on what kind of kitten to get next?

    Cuddle the guys extra for me...ok?

  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    oh, my goodness, are they adorable or what?

    thanks for sharing,


  4. Thank you, ladies! You all have excellent taste in cats. ;-)

    Claire: Gary and I are delighted that Melville's still hanging in there! (Gary said, "How old is he now? 26?")

    Lee: We definitely want a female kitten, and we'll probably get a black one, since we read an article about how fewer people adopt black cats because of the bad-luck superstition. (!) So if there's a baby black kitty at the shelter, she'll be ours. We need a very young kitty, though -- as close to 8 weeks as possible -- because the boys will adjust much more easily to a small kitten than an older one.

    Her name will probably be Caprica (the name of one of the colonies in Battlestar Galactica; I think it sounds cool). We go in for three-syllable cat names with literary or film/TV references: our previous cats were Pyewacket (from Bell, Book and Candle) and Belphoebe (from Spenser' The Faerie Queene.

  5. Sounds like a plan, Susan! (G) In addition to the shelters, have you considered using the veterinarian network? Often the various animal hospitals will find, receive or rescue an animal and they take good care of it, give it its shots and try to find a good home for it. That is how I got my last 2 pets (1 dog, 1 cat).

    If you are lucky enough to get a breed choice, my favorites are Ragdolls and Siamese. Ragdolls might suit you because of their calmness and love of being held. Good cat snuggle therapy.


  6. I love seeing and reading about your kitties.

    I am destined to become an old lady with lots of cats. There are only two in the household now, but I want more.

    Thanks for sharing your handsome guys with us. I am looking forward to hearing about your new edition.

  7. I have a cat named Figaro, too! He's very fluffy and black and white.

    Thanks for the pictures -- My apartment doesn't allow cats and I miss my feline friends...

  8. Hey, nice pics!! And will you believe this! the other day a
    black cat was killed by some boys in our neighbourhood!! Its so sad...


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