Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Curse you, Blogger Beta!

Yesterday, my Site Meter stopped working: when I clicked on the icon, I got their homepage, but couldn't access my blog statistics.

I tried many things that didn't work. Lee suggested that I upgrade my template in the new Beta version of Blogger, because her Site Meter had worked after she did that.

I upgraded and reinstalled. It's still not working. (Plus all of my old third-party buttons went away.) And now there's a new problem: wonky fonts in posts with cut-and-paste quotations. I can't find any HTML code in those posts that indicates a font change, because if I could, I'd remove it.

I sent e-mail to Blogger Beta, but of course they didn't answer.

Somebody please help!


Site Meter has now mysteriously started to work again. Thanks be to God!

I still can't figure out the font problem, though. Aaaargh!

On the positive side, I've now added my labels to my sidebar, for handy-dandy topic-specific blog navigation.

Later still:

Well, I fixed the spacing problem, more or less. Now I have to figure out how to get a bit more space after the post titles. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi, Susan.
    Maybe I'm not seeing what you are describing. Your site meter and technorati buttons are still there. I am missing your Carnival of Hope banner. Your side bar headings look the same to me. The only difference I am noticing is a number in parenthesis at the end of a quote in an earlier post. And the occasional odd spacing or double spacing in a cut and paste. Is that where the "wonky fonts" are showing up?


  2. Hi, Lee. I added the Technorati button, which isn't my old one. I can't find my old one on the Technorati site to add it.

    Site Meter's there and registering hits, but I can't access my stats.

    Re wonky fonts: the font changes at the beginning of the cut and paste and then remains the same throughout the post. It used to put cut and pastes in the same font as the rest of the post, which is what I want, but I can't find any "new font" code to remove.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I was introduced to your site by Lee. :-) I too, recently moved to blogger beta.
    Then I too made the mistake of changing the template. And it didn't look too pleasing to the eye! Arhhhhhh then I reverted back to the classic template! And began editing! It was a tedious process!


  4. Hi, Sham! Well, I actually didn't change my template -- I stayed with Minima -- but it turns out that this line-spacing thing is a known issue in Minima, and that there's a way to fix it! That involves mucking about with HTML, though (isn't Beta supposed to spare us that?), so it may take me a while to get it right.


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