Monday, April 18, 2011

Prudence Wins Out. Barely.

So this morning I got e-mail from an old college friend: one of my TAs from freshman year, if you can believe it. We're still in touch all these years later! He's in Switzerland now but had seen the news story about Glick, and sent me a note, and I mentioned the Hawai'i cruise, and he mentioned that he has a timeshare in Kona, and said he has a few extra weeks he can't use.

We've been wanting to go to Kona.

We could have gotten this place for a ridiculously small amount: less per week than one usually pays per night in Hawai'i.

We were all set to do it. But then I started looking at airfare, and came back to my senses. The available weeks are only about three months before our cruise; it just doesn't make fiscal sense to take two expensive vacations on low pay, even if one of them's an unbelievable steal once you get there. The airfare's the real deal-breaker, but we'd also have to rent a car and buy groceries (mondo expensive in Hawai'i), and would probably want to eat out and do other stuff that costs money.

So, reluctantly, after a flurry of e-mails when I thought I was taking him up on this very generous offer, I very reluctantly told him that we'd decided we just can't this time, but that he should please (please!) keep us in mind if the same thing happens next year.


Sometimes it sucks being a grownup.

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