Thursday, April 07, 2011

Home Improvements

Well, I'm still a little headachy and a little nauseous, but -- after a very slow and discombobulated day -- I managed to swim for half an hour this evening. Since I hadn't exercised since Saturday (skipping my Sunday workout may have been one of the causes of the Tuesday migraine), I feel as if I'm now getting back on track.

And just in time, since our new elliptical arrives tomorrow! Yay! I'm so looking forward to being able to work out at home without having to gather all my gym gear (although I'll still use the pool at the gym). Gary's looking forward to being able to work out at home when bad weather prevents hiking. We're both curious about how the cats will respond to the new intruder; I foresee initial alarm, especially when the thing's moving, but I'm sure they'll adjust.

On Monday, the guy who built our deck is coming over to fix a loose post. We're going to find out how much he'd charge to do the annual pressure washing and resealing.

Our shade canopy collapsed in a rainstorm last autumn and was wrecked beyond repair, so we're going to invest in a large custom retractable awning (with a manual crank, not one of the motorized ones, which brings the price down at least a little bit). This is a large chunk of change, but it's also a big improvement to our living space. We spend a lot of time out on the deck in warm weather -- I effectively move my office out there for at least part of the day, and we like to entertain there too -- and adequate shade's essential. (This is the driest, sunniest state in the country, and we're also at altitude, so UV protection is a real issue.)

The awning plus the elliptical add up to a lot of money when I'm about to a) have my pay cut and b) go onto two-thirds of the lower salary because of the sabbatical. But since I'm staying home during the sabbatical, home needs to be as pleasant and workable as we can make it, and I think these two items will really help.


  1. Unrelated to this post, if you don't mind the question: Do you ever teach seminars for writers who are not enrolled at your college?

  2. glad you are starting to feel better.

  3. Thanks, mbj!

    Accendora: I speak at writers' conferences (I'm speaking at one tomorrow) and do non-UNR gigs of other sorts, sure. I think of "seminar" as a semester-long grad-level class, though: probably not what you intended? In any case, if you have a gig for me, please let me know! ;-)

  4. Haha, no, not that kind of seminar. I was typing late, and I believe I meant "workshop." I'm asking because I'd love to participate in one (or attend, if it's more lecture-y), but I couldn't find your "tour schedule."

  5. Alas, I'm not even remotely famous enough to have a tour schedule! If you're in the Reno area, I'm speaking tomorrow at the TMCC Writer's Conference.

    Thanks for asking!

  6. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Yay, swimming! Glad to hear that bit by bit you're feeling better.


  7. Reno, NV is about five hours out from the San Francisco Bay Area, which is where I'm at. It can be a doable thing -- but not the day before, at least not this time. I'd love it if you kept your blog readers posted about your public appearances, so to speak. :)


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