Friday, April 08, 2011

Meet Elsie Elliptical!

We welcomed our latest gadget today; she actually arrived half an hour early. I promptly hopped on and worked out for half an hour, burning 222 calories and going 1.7 miles, although I was only on the first resistance level (I have to be careful with that because of my knees). Later, Gary did a half hour too, going five miles an hour at level five and burning 300 calories.

We both love this piece of equipment (a Horizon EX-59, if anyone's curious). It's incredibly smooth, solid and quiet, especially for the price. I'm really delighted with how much Gary likes it: he's the Exercise King in the family -- avid hiker, former bike racer and marathon runner, the guy I can never work out with because I'm always eating his dust -- but he'd never even heard of ellipticals until I mentioned the fact that I enjoy the ones at my gym. He finds treadmills and stationary bikes boring and too limited, but he loves Elsie. So I feel like I actually taught something in the fitness arena, which is definitely a first. And this gizmo works both for my modest needs and his more intense ones: perfect!

The cats are somewhat less smitten. Figgy has sniffed cautiously at the thing and then wandered off, seeming calm enough. Bali raced in a frenzy through the house when Elsie arrived, finally got up the courage to sniff around her, and then zoomed off again in absolute terror (we aren't sure what sparked that, since we were watching at the time and nothing had happened; the machine was just sitting there). Poor baby! We'll just have to be extra nice to him until he calms down.


  1. Within a few days you will go to work out and find both cats draped over the machine fast asleep. So much for a work out.

  2. Ha! And if that happens, I'll definitely post a photo!


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