Tuesday, April 19, 2011

But That's Why I Love Him

Have I mentioned that my husband's a little strange, although no stranger than I am? We're strange in different ways, though. He, for instance, is fascinated by bad weather, and actively looks forward to rough days at sea. I enjoy a bit of rolling just so I know I'm on a boat, but I don't want to go through anything too dramatic.

He's gearing up for the November cruise by watching videos of cruise ships in storms. His current favorite is this little gem. (The music's a disco version of the theme song from Titanic; how fitting!)

I gather that everyone on that cruise got 20% off their next one. No wonder! Geez!

Sweetie, you can go on that cruise. I'll take the calm boat, thank you.


  1. yeah, i totally love that video every time i see it!

    was hoping that was the one you were linking to.

    i, too, love rough weather, although my pathological fear of vomit makes me want to stay on land for it.

    and i heard the been thing finally; i had to search a little for the episode.


    and just for the record, i don't really call what i do "camping". living in my car on a mattress more comfortable than my bed at home and ordering pizzas is not camping.

    i know, not luxurious like a cruise ship, but luxurious enough for me.

    and it fits my budget. really, if i had the money for it, i'd get a room.

  2. flask: In my book, if there's no indoor plumbing nearby, it's camping!

    Why not make the car-mattress your bed at home, so it will be more comfortable?

    I envy you being able to eat real pizza. I have to settle for the non-gluten, non-dairy variety, which exists but is a pale substitute: not luxurious at all!

  3. That's an interesting video, Susan. I like the music track! Having been on sail boats where I was quite nauseated, I'd prefer calm weather and would definitely keep a supply of anti motion sickness pills close at hand. Still the videos of the waves and sea during a storm are exciting.



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