Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well, Nertz!

Back when I learned that the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention would be held in Reno, I invited some friends to stay with us for the convention. My friend Claire from New York and my friend Inez (an old student who's now teaching in Iowa) said they were interested.

Now it turns out that neither of them can come.

I'm sad. Gary and I were really looking forward to having them here, and we've been hanging on to some extra beds (survivals from the great Alan-and-Fran-Move-to-Reno Project of 2008) in anticipation of houseguests. I guess we won't need those after all.

On the other hand, my friend Arthur Chenin tells me the convention hotel booked up the second the room block became available, so maybe we'll have some takers anyway (although if there's anything we have lots of in this town, it's hotel rooms).

Oh well. I'll certainly see lots of old friends at WorldCon, even if I won't have the fun of hanging out with Claire and Inez. But I'm still sad!


  1. I'm trying to talk Jody in to attending with me, but we'll see how the financials pan out.

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I *might* be able to come -- depends on dates for my international commitment. But I can't plan on it, and I so miss you guys and my mountains and my old buddies....sigh.

  3. As a clarification, the 450 room block at the Atlantis is the one that sold out in 24 hours. There is also a 750 room block at the Peppermill that still has plenty of rooms.

    As the Atlantis is both next to the convention center and the official party hotel it is not wholly surprising it is sold out, although the speed is.


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