Saturday, January 29, 2011

And Another!


  1. He found a nice sunny spot...I'll bet he's purring too.

  2. Susan I found a cat poem for you...

    Story Book by J.S. Watts
    I was trying to read a book
    When you came along and insisted
    That I read you instead.
    You were forceful in your persuasions;
    Insinuating yourself between me
    And the page, like a fur clad bookmark.
    Tail in my face and the buzz of your voice
    Creeping through my head
    As you crept across my pages,
    Ruffling thoughts and paper alike
    To the point of distraction.
    How could I ignore you ?
    Such a perfect edition and so responsive
    Beneath my fingers. You are better
    Than a story in braille.
    Through you I can read of summer fields,
    The smelled taste of daisies and buttercups,
    Nose high grass and the heat of the sun
    On day-warmed fur; the drowsiness
    Of a warm room and a comfortable lap.
    There is nothing better than
    Curling up on a good book.

    Ain't it the truth??

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Not about cats - but about SOCKS - perfect patterns for you, an English teacher and sock knitter. Can't find your email addy so sending you the information this way.

  4. mbj: I love the poem! Thank you! And Anon, those are some very cool socks. I actually haven't done stranded colorwork and am somewhat afraid of it, but those socks might inspire me to overcome my phobia! Oh, and for future reference, you'll find my e-mail under "About Me."


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