Friday, January 07, 2011


I'm now the proud owner of four new winter tires, mounted on four new wheels. This little project came to over $700, but that's much less expensive than either a new car or an accident.

I decided not to get studded snow tires because they're a) really noisy and b) offer less traction on dry surfaces than regular tires do. Winter tires offer better traction on all surfaces, but also wear out more quickly than regular tires. The solution's to switch back to regular tires in warm weather (as one would have to do with studded tires, allowed only from October 1 to April 1). Having the tires mounted on their own wheels will make the switching process much easier and less expensive, so the wheels will pay for themselves after a few seasons.

I haven't noticed any difference driving yet, but of course right now, the roads are perfectly clear. I told my mechanic, "Since I now have winter tires, we won't see any snow for the next five years." He laughed.

Meanwhile, my back's been hurting again -- a lot -- for the past few days, even though I've been good about swimming and stretching. A friend recommended her chiropracter, so I have an appointment there on Monday. I went to a chiropracter once in New Jersey and wasn't impressed, but the only time I've been completely pain-free since this whole mess started (and it started in early October, so this has been a haul) was for a few days after my physical therapist did an adjustment-type thing to straighten me out, and my friend says this chiro does small, gentle adjustments.

I'm trying to stay off pain meds, but I took one muscle relaxant yesterday and an ibuprofen tonight. Obviously I'm not in really awful pain if that's all I need, but I'd rather not need any. If a chiropracter can address the structural cause of the discomfort, I'll be most grateful!


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Susan, ya know, as someone who lives in your community I'm appaled to know you are clueless about tires and other winter stuff. Shame on you! You/ve been here at least 10 years. Yes, you may have arrived in a drought, but I think you're educated and have the power of reason.

    Last year you made a comment on this blog About having to leave your car downholl of your house and walking home in GYM shoes. I went balistic at that time but tried to restrain myself.

    Get a grip, woman. This is Reno, Nevada. Yes, we've had a long dought, but for this particular season, the dought is over.

    I know you're from NJ, but you've been here more than 10 years. Shame on you for ignoring our weather. And shame on you for ignoring your safety!

    Your "other mother", Sharon

  2. Dear Sharon:

    I don't ignore weather, believe me. That's why I've done so little driving in snow!

    Love you,


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