Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's Going On

Yes, I know: I've been terrible about blogging. My friend Sharon actually called me the other day because she was concerned at not having seen a post in a while. I've been here; I've just been very busy!

So here are the latest updates:

* My mother's back in the hospital -- initially with a UTI, although now she has some cardiac stuff going on too -- and doesn't sound well at all. I called her today to congratulate her on forty-five years of sobriety, but she didn't have the energy to talk.

* Fran's indeed leaving on Saturday.

* My father told me not half an hour ago that although it "hurts his heart," he's decided that assisted living is the only way to go. So I'll call the director of the place near us tomorrow and get that process started. Luckily, friends have offered to help him move again. I have no idea how we're going to coordinate all this, but we'll figure out something.

* I miss my hospital volunteering so much that I've been dreaming about it, so I'm going to try to go back if there's an ER shift open on Saturday. I have to be free on weekdays to take Dad to appointments. I don't know if I can handle volunteering on top of everything else right now -- I'm not sure if I have enough to give at the moment, although maybe my recent experiences will translate into deeper insights and compassion -- but I really want to try (with God's help, as we Episcopalians say).

* Yesterday I had the massage given to me by my friend at church (and it was ninety minutes, not sixty!). It was glorious! What a wonderful break!

* Speaking of church, we had our parish meeting today, and I was elected one of our delegates to diocesan convention in October. It's up at Lake Tahoe this year, which should be very pretty: I hope I can go (if not, there are a number of alternates). I couldn't go this past year because it was the weekend after Dad and Fran got here.

* I'm -- already -- behind on work for school, so I'll cut this short to attend to that.

Cheers, y'all!


  1. So much happening for you... Your father is very wise even though his heart hurts. Let's hope that having some fellowship will actually enliven his hurt heart...

    Would your mother consider hospice? She is on the path I have seen a lot, and perhaps she is getting sick of going in and out of the hospital. Some providers can work with her in the home and if she is not strong enough can provide additional care in a nursing home/care center environment.

    Prayers for you all.

  2. Wow! Susan, I'm floored by all that is going on and that you are taking on more! I know what your ER duty means to you so I'm just gonna pray for energy and that all goes well with all these upcoming events. Sending you good thoughts, energy, and calm.



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