Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Slowing Down

Today was relatively relaxed for me. I slept late, ate breakfast, put together jewelry sets for the women who'll be at the funeral and a few who won't be -- great fun! -- and chatted with my nephew Owen, who came over today and will stay here until after the funeral. He only lives a few miles away, but it's still nice to have him in the house. He and I got to comparing laptops, and I was inspired to download the free Kindle app for PCs. I purchased a book by one of my favorite writers, Geoff Ryman, only to learn that the story starts on April 11. Since that's the day Mom died, the coincidence was a little eerie. Kindle for PC isn't an ideal reading experience, but it's better than an ereader for my BlackBerry would be.

I also just finished a pair of socks for a friend's husband; next, I'm going to take a break from gift knitting and make a pair for myself.

Our friend Ken, who introduced me and Gary and who's incredibly good about doing gigantic favors, is going to pick Gary's mother up in Livingston on Friday and drive her up to Englewood for the funeral (and then to the restaurant, and then home). This is a huge relief, because Doris can't drive and was planning to take a taxi for the fifty-minute ride, if she had to. Yikes! My cousin Val and her husband Bruce, the ones I visited in Amherst this summer, are also coming to the funeral, as is my friend Claire. So it will be a lovely reunion on all kinds of levels. Owen's girlfriend of five months wants to come too -- I'll finally get to meet her! -- so Liz and Lloyd are renting a van so they, Gary and I, and Owen and Kimmy will all fit in the same car.

What else? I was pretty calm today until, looking through some of Mom's dresser drawers, I came upon the quviut scarf I knit for her for Christmas 2008. Then I completely lost it and came downstairs, sobbing, until Liz stopped the vacuum cleaner to give me a hug.

Liz cleaned like a maniac all day. There's more to do tomorrow, but she made great progress. I helped a little bit -- namely by de-pilling two newly washed blankets (a bit of a challege, since each blanket sported an especially large, fluffy, and unwilling-to-budge pill in the form of a purring feline) -- but cleaning's not my strong suit, so Owen and I mainly tried to stay out of Liz's way.

Tomorrow: We have to go through photos for the funeral. I hope to fit in a gym visit and/or a haircut before we pick Gary up at 4:00, but that's probably over-ambitious.

And now to start a sock of my very own!

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  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Dear Susan,

    I am so sorry that you have to be arranging a funeral - but given that necessity, I am very glad that everything is coming together so well.



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