Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Monday

The homily went fine; I don't think other people enjoyed it quite as much as I did, but they seemed generally cheerful and appreciative.

Easter morning I slept in -- until afternoon, actually -- and got in some fiddle practice and writing before we went to our friend Katharine's house for Easter dinner. That was a lovely time followed by a lovely viola recital (by a masters student whose committee I'm on).

Last night I slept terribly, probably because I'd had a cup of coffee pretty late at Katharine's, but I got up around seven and, once again, practiced and wrote before finishing my class prep for today. We'd gotten snow overnight, so the world was white when I woke up!

When I got home from work I edited the chapter I finished this morning -- I now have 180 of 300 manuscript pages, although they'll all need revision -- and printed it out so Gary can read it after I go to bed tonight. When he's approved it, I'll show it to my friends Jim and Sharon.

In fiddle news, the violin sounds so much better in damper climates (Honolulu, Philadelphia . . . anywhere's damper than Reno!) that I invested in a humidifier for my study, where I keep the fiddle. It's already sounding a little better. I also bought a Dampit for inside the violin; I'd expected that to arrive today, but it didn't. Tomorrow, I guess. But I'm already enjoying practicing more, because the tone's better. And I'm finally making progress on the new bowing Charlene gave me for the jig I've been working on since Christmas. Yay!

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