Friday, February 19, 2010

Save Our Schools

There's an online petition urging the state legislature to find solutions to the current budget crisis that don't involve gutting education.

Please go to the site and sign the petition. It takes two seconds, and you don't have to be affiliated with a Nevada school, or even a Nevada resident: you can just say you're a "supporter."

I wish I could say that I really believe this will help, but it can't hurt. We need all the help we can get. And while you're at it, please send up a prayer or two for the most vulnerable populations in Nevada: kids, the elderly, the mentally ill, prisoners, the unemployed or soon-to-be unemployed.

I know all states are hurting right now, but we're already last or almost-last on all quality-of-life indicators (including education, and that's before the anticipated massive cuts), and proudly at or near the top of the list in various pathologies. You'd think we'd have nowhere to go but up, but instead we're going down.

A friend of mine said, "People in Nevada used to be able to say, 'At least we're not Mississippi.' Now people in Mississippi are saying, 'At least we're not Nevada.'" Since my father lived in Mississippi for many years, I can vouch for the fact that Nevada's climate and geography are a lot more pleasant, but that's not much help to the poor and disenfranchised.

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