Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Sister's Socks

I just finished this pair of socks for my sister. I hope they'll fit her; I'd used this lace pattern for a shawl before, but not for socks, and it doesn't have as much give as it needs. It's really pretty, but I won't use it again for socks. I can get them on, but only with a lot of tugging. They're comfy once they're on, though. If Liz can't get them on, she'll send them back to me and I'll make another pair for her -- in a stretchier pattern -- as I still have enough of this yarn.

In fiddle news, I can't remember if I've mentioned here that Felicity's now hanging on my wall. This means I can keep the shoulder rest on, which generally makes it much easier to grab her and start practicing (no opening the case, no assembly, etc.). I'm learning a reel and practicing different bowing techniques for a jig. I'm also trying to write a lament for my stepmother -- who helped introduce me to Irish traditional music, and who played the cello in her youth -- but so far, it just sounds like a really dorky exercise.

Charlene's threatening to have a recital for her students. I told her I'd come only if I didn't have to play; she rolled her eyes. I then amended that to say that I'd come if I could play "Mary Had A Little Lamb," still the only tune I feel confident playing in public. She rolled her eyes again, but told me I could play whatever I wanted. Gary's plugging for "Simple Gifts" or "April Waltz."

I play much better when I'm practicing then when I have to play in front of anybody, including Charlene. Knowing that someone else is listening makes me get all tense and rushed and paralyzed. I'm very comfortable with public speaking, but not with public fiddling. Maybe I can record myself playing and play the recording at the recital? If it happens? Which I still hope it won't?


  1. Making music together is not about being perfect. It's about sharing a gift, a part of yourself, with the circle around you.

    If your fear or your conviction that you have nothing worth giving makes you choose to deny the gift, your circle will be the poorer.

    Because every gift has value, and every person in the circle is waiting for that gift.

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    These socks are gorgeous!



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