Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lotsa Socks

I'm happily busy with sock orders. When I was back in Philly I finished a pair for my sister; I'm almost done with a pair for my nephew, and today I finished the first of a new pair for my friend Marin. I came up myself with this pattern, which I call Windowpane, and I'm pleased with it: it's fun and easy to knit, and I think it looks nice.

Marin's allergic to wool, so I'd made a previous pair of socks for her in pure cotton, which wasn't as fun to work with as stuff from sheep. The Windowpane yarn is Bamboozle, a cotton/bamboo blend that's easier to knit. I was a bit worried that the socks would be too large, but they're only a little big on me, which means, I hope, that they'll fit her.

Then it will be on to three outstanding sock orders, plus two Christmas stockings for next year. Yay! I expect other requests to come in and to keep me blissfully knitting at least through the summer.

In periodontal news, I feel fine today, although the putty's still safely in place. If it comes loose, the pain will start. Pray for persistent putty!

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  1. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Susan, that sock pattern is beautiful!

    Happy New Year,



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