Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Status Report

I just called the hospital and spoke to Dad's nurse and doctor. Medically, he's improved: producing urine, down to two liters of oxygen from six, vitals all normal. He's still altered, though, and they've had to mitt his hands to keep him from pulling out his IVs. They may transfer him to a medical floor today, if the nurses there can deal with the IV issue. I hope he won't need restraints, but if he does, he won't be the first person.

Meanwhile, I turned into a giant blob of jelly yesterday and got nothing done. So now I have to grade like a crazy person.

Which, of course, is pretty much what I am right now.

Meanwhile, my mother had a great day yesterday: went to PT twice, did some stair exercises, walked back to her room -- a long way -- with her walker. This is the woman who couldn't move herself in bed a week ago.

My sister and I have commented on how they flip-flop. Usually, one's doing well and one isn't, and periodically, they trade places.


  1. Prayers still coming, Susan. Your Mom is doing amazingly, and I'm glad your Dad's kidneys have kicked in. Could we hope maybe he just needs a different antibiotic for his UTI?

  2. Susan,

    I just found your blog and have just read a couple of posts, but have you considered consulting with a Geriatric Care Manager in your area? GCMs are a great resource and can give you some great advice about the best type of housing for his particular situation. Naturally where he is living at now they more than likely will try and keep him there as long as possible. A good GCM can give you an unbiased opinion about what is best for his situation. Another option is a Eldercare Advisor that assists families in finding the best senior housing that fits your budget and needs in your local area. A group home is sometimes a great alternative to a larger community. Again, not knowing what his needs are. Group homes can give more individualized attention in a residential type setting. Hope all works out well for you and your family.

    Gary Kendrick
    South Sound Elder Services

  3. I can't stay away from your blog. It is something I went through myself, and I so wish you could feel the love and prayers coming your way.


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