Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quality Time

I had a pretty good visit with Dad today; at least, I think so, and I hope he does. I offered to read from The Once and Future King, but instead he requested a gigundo hardcover history of the Reformation -- which, for some reason, I can't find on Amazon (ah, never mind, here it is) -- so I raced back to his place to get it and then returned to the hospital. My father, the fundamentalist atheist who knows more about church history than most priests I know!

As it turned out, though, he was too sleepy to listen to me read, so instead we listened to some jazz on NPR, and talked to both my mother and sister on the phone, and I got a little knitting done. Dad's nurses are impressed by his upper-body strength -- he lifts himself with a hanging bar when they're changing sheets and such -- which would seem to bode well for PT. His vitals are good. He has some blood in his urine, which they think is just irritation from the catheter, but if that clears up, he can be discharged any time.

My friend Sharon called today to tell me that the nursing home closest to us has a revamped, and supposedly very good, rehab program, so I'm going to request that he go there, since it's also the place I'd want him to be if -- as we all fear -- he flunks rehab and needs to be in a nursing home full-time. He hates the idea of going to one at all. I'm telling him that he has to work very hard at PT to have any shot at going home. I don't expect that to happen, but he's surprised us before, and look what Mom just pulled off!

If he does flunk PT, it will be time to start thinking about hospice. But I'm not quite there yet, and I'm certain that he isn't, either.

Meanwhile, Gary's been coughing for almost a month, since the most recent Palo Alto junket on February 19, and finally allowed today as how maybe he should see a doctor. So I'm going to try to get him squeezed in tomorrow, when I also have to talk to Dad's case manager.

And now I have to grade like a maniac.


  1. Go, Susan's Dad!! I hope the nursing home placement goes well and hope he can regain some function. Prayers still ascending, and hope Gary can lose his cough quickly. Hang in there...

  2. That sounds hopeful, Susan! I hope that your Dad does really well with the PT. Prayers added for Gary's health. May the grading and teaching go smoothly.


  3. Hey Susan, I own that book on the Reformation if you'd like to borrow my copy rather than springing for one on Amazon. Call or email if you want it.


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