Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Little Better, Thank You

Dad felt terrible this morning, but called me this afternoon to say he was feeling a tiny bit better. In the meantime, I'd gone over there, coaxed him into eating some lunch, and instructed the caregivers to bring meal trays to his room (without dairy, which he can't have while he's on the antibiotic, but with extra gravy, because he finds "juicy" food easiest to eat). I also changed the dressing on his leg -- the gauze had slipped down around his ankle -- and took his temp and BP: both low, but not drastically so.

We're meeting with the home-healthcare social worker tomorrow. The agency's been threatening to discharge him, since they say he doesn't need nursing care. Since he now has open wounds, however minor, and an infection, I hope to make a case for getting him recertified (which several of his therapists are trying to do anyway).

We had a good church service this morning, with a liturgy-committee meeting afterwards. We divvied up preaching dates, and I asked for (and got) the Great Vigil, my favorite service of the year. I've preached that service twice before, and I love it.

Also, I'm almost -- if not quite -- caught up on grading, although I'm behind on lots and lots of other things.

Two more weeks until Spring Break, when I plan to get tons of sleep. And exercise! And maybe chocolate, even though it's Lent! Lent is always when I most need chocolate.


  1. >And maybe chocolate, even though it's Lent! Lent is always when I most need chocolate.

    I am reminded of that episode of "The Vicar of Dibley" where Geraldine gives up chocolate for Lent and much comic hilarity ensues.

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Surely the point of Lent is to re-organize our lives so we can come closer to the experience of God - and, really, what better way to come closer to the experience of God on occasion than through the conscientious consumption of chocolate?!



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