Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dad's Last View

I'm at the assisted-living place, waiting for the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission truck to pick up the last of Dad's furniture. They gave me a six-hour window, and so far I've been here three and a half.

I've gotten a bit of work done, but it's hard to concentrate. This was the last place where we had any hope that Dad might be happy, and while I want to be here to see everything through to the end, being here also makes me sad.

Dad liked his view of the mountains. He preferred his view in Ocean Springs MS, where his apartment windows looked out over the Gulf of Mexico, but this was a respectable second.

I just wish he'd had longer to enjoy it. He only lived in this apartment for a month.


  1. So much poignancy in this story, Susan... Just wanted to drop a line and say, prayers continuing.

  2. There is mystery in looking out to sea, something majestic about the mountains. Perhaps while looking up at the hills, he heard the whisper of the one who made them. I pray for your peace.

  3. That IS a nice view, Susan! I'm glad your Dad had even that one month to enjoy it. Hope you didn't have to hang around too much longer after your post.

    Peace! & Hope!


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