Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Grand Rounds, and CoH Call for Submissions

This week's Grand Rounds, the medical blog carnival, has been posted over at Health Care Law Blog. Thanks to Bob Coffield for including me! I'm looking forward to reading all the posts.

Last night I was talking to my friend Alex, and he said, "I still don't know what a blog carnival is." So for anyone who's puzzled about this, a carnival is a blog post providing links to many other blog posts on a specific topic. Grand Rounds is for medical posts, and Change of Shift is for nursing posts. There are many different carnivals; to learn more, click on the BlogCarnival box on my sidebar, which also links to recent carnivals.

And that brings me to my call for submissions. Here's the description of my own monthly carnival, Carnival of Hope:
There's a lot of bad news in the world right now, and all of us need reasons to keep going. Please share stories of good deeds done, good deeds received, enlightened corporate policies, satisfying volunteer work, unexpected compassion and empathy: the moments when love replaced fear, when an enemy became a friend, when the darkness lightened, even if just a little bit. Please note: I am looking primarily for posts describing firsthand personal experience. Also, I will not accept submissions that insult, attack, or demonize other people, or that claim to find hope in the victimization of other people. This is not a forum for "us versus them" rhetoric. Let's remind each other how much good there is in humanity, along with all the less pleasant things.
The next Carnival of Hope will be posted on Friday, November 10. Because November is when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm especially interested in posts about gratitude. The deadline for submissions is 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, November 9. You can either use the BlogCarnival submission form or e-mail me directly at SusanPal (at) aol (dot) com. Please include the permalink to the blog post, the blog URL, your name, and a brief description of the post.

November 9 is two weeks from this coming Thursday. That gives you a little over two weeks either to write a post for the carnival, or to browse your archives and find an old one. I've already gotten three submissions, and hope to get many more.

Please let me hear from you!


  1. Ah....gratitude.....

    Thanks for the theme - I can do this one, easily!

  2. Thanks, Kim! I always love your posts!


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