Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Coming Attractions: Carnival of Hope at the Movies

Last night, I spent some time going through this month's Carnival of Hope submissions, deciding what to use, what order posts might go in, and so forth. I've created a draft of the carnival as a WordPerfect document, cutting and pasting URLs directly from the blogs; the BlogCarnival draft includes a lot of HTML I don't want or need, and getting rid of all of that stuff takes nearly as long as just doing it from scratch myself. Either way, it's a tedious process, if rewarding. I can't imagine putting together a huge carnival like Grand Rounds, or hosting three carnivals in the space of two weeks, as Kim's doing. (Other medical bloggers have begun to wonder aloud if she ever sleeps, or if she really has a job.) If anybody has any handy-dandy shortcuts, please let me know!

So far, I have eleven items -- twelve if I can get permission from one blogger to use a post I like but that he didn't submit -- and four of them are somehow about movies. Cool: a theme!

So if you've written a post about how a movie gave you renewed hope or compassion, and if you'd like to bump my carnival count up to Lucky Thirteen, please send your post to SusanPal (at) aol (dot) com by 5 PM tomorrow.

If you have a post that isn't about film but would otherwise be appropriate, of course send that along, too.


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